From dirty dishes to first downs, Mothers and Sons view the world in different ways.

Mother of a Son documents the adventure and shares my life in that beautifully baffling world of mothering a boy-child.  The experience is tender; the stories are honest.  Mothering a Son is a unique adventure and it’s not always pretty.  And if you’re the mother of only sons, you know especially well what I’m talking about.  Mothers of a Son, I invite you to join me and share your stories too.   Here’s the blog.  There’s a book in the wings  too!

Some of my very favourite mothers of (only) sons:

* My (late) Auntie Peggy * Anne Lamott * Margaret Trudeau * Nancy * Cindy  *  Joy *


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I happened to be in Wpg. with my mother and glanced at the front page of the FP this morning. I casually noticed the teaser about mom-oirs, and was curious to read more. How delighted was I to flip to the front of the appropriate section, only to realize that you were the author being featured. Congratulations – what a huge accomplishment. I read the two snippets on your blog, and laughed out loud. I think I must buy your book! Wish I could stick around until Wednesday for your reading, but cannot …… have fun with it and good luck with book sales!

    1. Diane!!!!!

      How nice of you to comment. What interesting timing. Sorry you won’t be here tomorrow so we could catch up. Let’s keep in touch!!

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