The Annual Christmas Stocking Challenge. 1985-2014.


My late Mother created this gorgeous Christmas stocking (now officially vintage) for my son Brett for his first Christmas. This year, Santa will fill it for the 29th time.

It’s a large stocking- over a meter long, made of felt, and lots of love, with added sparkles and a pop up Santa in the chimney.

It would house a litter of puppies, three crates of Japanese oranges, a small Norfolk Pine. For the first few years, it was fun. Mostly, I suppose, it was fun because I didn’t need to fill it all. I could put…I mean Santa could put a few toys in it…chocolate and a few oranges. That worked- for the first few years.

The trick, Santa soon found, was to fill it with large things…useful things… things like a six pack of socks.

Sox in sox? Might feel a little Grinchy, but it works.


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