Making your own sunshine on a pre fall back day

imageSomedays, when the temperatures dip and the sun doesn’t come up until 8 a.m. (and disappears before you’ve had supper) it just makes sense to create your own light.  We each do that in our own way; my ways range from uber activity to quiet simple things.  Today, still waiting for the sun to shine, I believe the simplier things last the longest.

In Winnipeg, the city I call home, fall brings an abundance of arts/culture riches.  There are book launches, art gallery openings, lectures, theatre, film and fundraisers galore this time of year.  Some weeks, it seems, I try to do it all.  It’s fun for a while.

Last night, a simple evening where my sun – Freudian slip– my sOn — came over- forewarned that he was welcome as always but not to expect a lot of cooking from the ma.  We cooked together, he in charge of the grilling, and then just hung out.  I picked up a book: My Year in Provence to relive my trip to France (albeit not Provence- that’s on my list for next year).  He settled into Fantasy Football draft night on the other side of the living room, and we watched NFL.  He replayed the plays- especially defensive wins and losses (former UM linebacker- you can take the lad out of university, but you can’t take the football out of the lad.) and brought my attention to the missed tackles, the lack of wrapping up and the atheletic excellence,  We talked about the events of the week, I picked up my phone to check out my Twitter feed and realized the last thing in the world I needed yesterday was more information about the disappointments and heartache gong on in the world.  I decided to look for cute videos.  And found none.

Here ma, do you have Instagram ?  And that’s how I found my own sunshine last night.  Sharing cute cat/kitten/goat/pet photos and video with my son.

And this weekend we “gain” an hour?  What a great world this is.  Salut!  Here’s to your own kind of sunshine.  Cue:  You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…


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