A salute to life, love, friendship.

I have been privileged to have this amazing woman in my life for over 30 years. We were young- 20 somthing execs at the Bay together, then mothers, what used to be called “career women”, and “women of a certain age”. A few years ago we enjoy an Eat. Love. Pray. adventure of our own on a wine tour of the Okanagan. I saw her this summer and we toured some of the spots from our great adventure. The last email I sent her asked if she were well enough for a visit. I didn’t hear back, but was told by family members that she was no longer well enough to respond. Last night, the email and texts came. This, the official announcement this morning.

I want to share this with you, my friends, as a salute to Cindy, a remarkable spirit and a beautiful woman I am so privileged to call friend. Raise a glass, say a prayer, remember that life is a gift and treasure the ones you love.


Dear Family and Friends,
it is with great sorrow that we tell you that Cindy passed away last evening. She passed peacefully in her home in Kelowna as she desired, with family by her side.
She will be dearly missed by all for her spirit, her enthusiasm, and her incredible thirst for living life the way that we all would aspire to …with passion, wonder and a boundless love for friends and family.

Information regarding the celebration of Cindy’s life will be forthcoming.
But for now…we are sure that she would appreciate a smile or a laugh, a hearfelt toast, and a prayer in remembrance of how she touched each of us deeply and warmly before making this journey.

We would be most grateful if you could pass this message on to Cindy’s friends and colleagues that we have missed.
Cindy’s Family


2 thoughts on “A salute to life, love, friendship.

  1. Cheers to Cindy and her eternal happiness 🍷So blessed were those she met during her time on earth.

    Sent from Sharon B’s iPhone


  2. I’m sorry to hear the sad news about Cindy. I remember her from our days at the Bay — especially your friendship with her — ‘the mutual admiration society’. Here’s to the celebration of good people in our lives!

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