Shorter days…what happened to daylight savings?

imageYou won’t find light until after seven in the morning, and you know it will be gone by eight. Temperatures have fallen, like crisp leaves on a cold autumn day. If you’re one of the clever ones who have already raked and pruned, cleared and bagged up the fall debris in your yard- I salute you. If you’ve put away the summer things, and located your favourite winter boots and fall sweaters, I am in awe.

Yesterday, I sat in the sunshine, after a healthy dose of yard chores, and savoured a cuppa tea in my outdoor office. In this almost summer weather, I wore mittens and a down vest — and my favourite fall boots: comfortable low-heeled ones- but in blue suede- ha, take that sensible shoe stereotypes!

Like you, I’ve checked the seven and fourteen day forecasts, hoping for a few more days of good weather. “Everyone”- that ubiquitous vague pronoun we salute so frequently- everyone says it’s going to snow before Halloween.

My pal Ruth went for a row a few days ago…yes, on one of those cold and windy Winnipeg days. I told her she inspired me, and she does…Let’s all get outside and enjoy a few of our favourite things before the snow falls.

Check out Ruth’s website:


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