Eat. Drink. Love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2010 I visited the vineyards, wineries, restaurants, lakes and valleys of the Okanagan with my dearest friend, Cindy.  We called it our Eat. Love. Pray. Tour.  It was, more to the point, our Eat. Drink.Love. Drink.Friendship Tour, a chance to catch up on a friendship that began before our children were born, and has lasted all this time. In spite of distance and time, we have remained the best of friends, something I will always treasure.

This past summer, I went back to Kelowna to catch up with her once again, and we re-visited  some of our favourite places.  We sat and talked for hours on the white couch cavalierly drinking red wine (well just me, she was on a no wine regime)  in the Kelowna home she had purchased earlier this year and after there was no more to say, we just sat.  Just sat together.  Quietly.  Wanting nothing more.

What I would give to be sitting with her now, as she slips into another place, after a long- far too long and unfair relationship with cancer.

It’s trendy to talk about a battle with cancer and I believe it is a battle in some ways.  But if it were just a battle, it would have been a battle my dear Cindy would have won.  Cindy is among so many things – a winner.  There is nothing-  there has never, ever been any thing she has not handled.  Each and every time there is a challenge, she finds a way. There is nothing she can not, and will not do once she sets her mind to it.  And believe me, she set her mind to battling cancer.  The latest bout — on and off but mostly on– has lasted since our Okanagan wine tour.  She’s done the chemo, the radiation, the new drugs, the old drugs, the alternatative therapy, the holistic practices, the natural all raw food regime, the high intake of this and no intake of that regime.  She’s done it all.  All while taking care of family, relationships, large national projects, local economic development, business renewal, organizational redevelopment,  relocation and setting up a new home, taking care of business long distance between appointments and treatments..  For the past 30 years, she has lived a high energy life based on natural foods, a holistic attitude and a takes no prisoners approach to the world.  She is my hero. This cancer thing?  What the hell?

Recently, I sent her the Madeleine Peyroux Youtube of Dance me to the end of love song by Leonard Cohen. and she loved it.   In my mind,  I am send it her now.  I hope she hears it,Salut my dearest one…I am dancing with you…


2 thoughts on “Eat. Drink. Love.

  1. Wow. What an amazing story and incredible tribute 😪💕 You share a most amazing gift through your writing. Much love xoxo

    Sent from Sharon B’s iPhone


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