A yard full of homework and the need to play…fall brings out the schoolgirl in me

Fall.  The oak trees in my backyard are dumping leaves like bad stock on Wall Street,  Squirrels-  the cute little red ones and the more rodent like greys…are partying on acorns and crabapples that litter the lawn.  It’s harder to see the apples and acorns today, given the new layer of leaves that seem to have dropped over night. A single geranimun plant is blooming, thank heavens, because the autumn mums are fading…my fault… I forgot to water them.Blessed with beautifu weather all week, I’ve eschewed the yard chores for other things.  Did someone say patio?  Did someone say wine?  Today is game day: Bomber football–it will be great to be outdoors this evening.  Later, more fun with arts activities and Nuit Blanche.  It’s not my fault I can’t get to my homework.  Please don’t tell my son I said that.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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