Grief, The Dead Poets Society and Raising Boys

Mother of a Son


The hangover of grief continues long past the next morning and today, like so many others, I wake  up in sorrow knowing there is no Robin William in the world.  I’ve played the trailer from Dead Poets Society once again and I know that this is the kind of world to say yes to, time and time again.


Mr. John Keating’s world is a world I would have been terrified of when I was in high school- and as a matter of fact, yes, a girls only high school, rather proper, no swearing please. Now, decades and decades past high school, I only wish there had been a John Keating in my world.

What did we — what do we — love about Robin Williams?  Certainly, his skill, his intelligene, his talents.  Yet there was much more.  I think what we sawin him, and could not properly articulate until…

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