A cottage at mer mediterranee? Pourqui pas?

A cottage at mer mediterranee? Pourqui pas?

A Mediterranean blue morning here on the Cote d’ Azure with the iconic stucco, terra cotta and sand from any picture post card you have ever seen.

Cafe creme and a tarte pomme: never sweet- simply perfect- to begin the day. Et peut- etre, a plus tarde une autre. Sigh.

Many of us Canadians rent a spot on the water for the summer, and some fewer it seems than before, have a family cottage on a lake: a big lake like one of the Great Lakes if lucky- or a river to go to in the warmer months. (And, sometimes even the winter.) I rent a beautiful studio on Lake Winnipeg, meters from the water. It’s my haven; my “special place”. lol

These days, however, I am pondering the idea of a spot south…here in France. In a village…le mer pres . The price of the rent would be similar if not less than a Canadian cottage- unless it were Cannes at Film Festival time when the prices triple and quadruple and the locals and tourists are encore et encore disappointed that the e’toiles are sequestered behind security and not allowed out. The preparations are frantic as each shop prepares for the spotlight and the Festival sites are refreshed and made ready.

It’s not the Festival I crave although it could be fun. Not the gawking at the stars part but the film part. I was at the Toronto fest many years ago and go the Gimli Fest each year. No, it’s not the festival side that would draw me, but the sea itself. It’s a thought. A cottage by the sea. Perhaps a high rise with a balcon…and a private beach that I did not have to pay 18 euros for each day. Peut-etre. Peut-etre.


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