Salut! C’est moi!

Bonjour.  C’est moi encore.  Et aujourd’hui je suis formidable…presque.  to the pharmacie, the epicerie, the boulangerie, the patisserie…avec elan!  

I saluted the owners…cheerfully noted I had my own bag cette temps, selected duex tartes:  normande et pomme, une crosissant almond, le plus belle crossant que j’ai jamais vue, and eaten, I might add. And did this without spelling errors- of course- and with the forgiving ways of personal conversation that allows for the use of hands and smiles and frowns and oh, la la’s etcetera.  So delighted with my morning  -It is not yet noon and almost 20 degrees C going up to 26 degrees C- and my successes I turned…said my bonne journees and walked- right into a glass door.  I wish I were kidding.  Ah la…une autre temps … a bientot.  Image


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