Ah a new love: the Cote d’azure

It’s hard to imagine true love after April in Paris but two days in Cannes and I can imagine no where else I could want to be.  If Paris is the City of Light then there are no words to describe the brilliant soleil that shines on the Cote d’Azure. Where the meals in Paris are oh la la, the meals that are straight from the sea are mon Dieu here at le mer. Of course the art and galleries and architecture in Paris are formidable…Mais, in Cannes….the ancient Suquet to the infamous Blvd de la Croisette are spectular.  Seine has its moody and romantic intrigue, yet the sea will set your soul ablaze. But be careful…out on the beaches and boulevards cette jour, I took no precautions.  And, la voila-  coup m de soleil  Image


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