ce soir en Paris


Ce soir, en Paris, the Tour Effeil shines down on the citi like the mother overlooking a beloved child.  The streets, wet and shiny, lead to packed restaurants and small cafes.  Umbrellas…parpluie… bob along the street ways and the traffic is still – toute les jours – unrentlenting.   Bicycle riders fearlessly  weave their way betweenn les motocyclettes who like ninja aliens on a mission take over the streets in packs.  All the autos are Audi  or Pueguot or Mercedez  (the taxis seem to all be Mercedes Benz).


The streets are narrow, the sidewalks more narrow still.  Umbrellas must be carefully negotiated; eye contact is minimal, the contact is so close. Toute personne wear black.  The children and some adults aussi ride scooters everywhere.  Yesterday I was mauled by a small citi of four foot scooter riders and their mother who took over the street at Champs Elysee.  Four or five petit enfants zipping across the walkway and roadway… a school of male and female Madelaines on wheels.  Chic allors!


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