Mother of son goes to Paris.


The mother of the son who has never been off the continent (Mexico doesn’t count) is cramming in prep for departure tomorrow. The son is graciously driving his mama to the airport early and will have to manage  the  dear ma’s last minute fussing and oh so much worse — the practicing of her French language skills. 

In preparation for the trip I’ve been reading my French language books including Merde: the real French you were never taught in school as well as the brilliantly, dreadfully stereotyped and (merde) oh so funny:  Stuff Parisians Like. I ‘ll pop a couple of the smaller books in my bag to read when I stop at a neighbourhood  cafe but I will leave the aforementioned ones back at my Paris flat for study in the safety of my balcon.  


Now back to French lessons:  Oh, les touristos, putain, j’y pas crois pas…Image


2 thoughts on “Mother of son goes to Paris.

  1. Oh Nadine… I am so happy for you. And you must be over the moon with all things Paris. Enjoy every minute. I love the blog. Hugs, Dee

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