Thoughts of spring?

Thoughts of spring?

Is your mind in fresh and vigorous spring mode, while your body is languishing in winter doldrums? Join the rest of the planet as we
L O N G for renewal.

That renewal takes many forms- some intimate and personal; others big and public. Whichever aspect of life you’re longing to or needing to renew, there’s one constant. It’s all about ME.

Not me, LND per se, but the “me” in each and every endeavor you begin that touches in any way at all- with people. Yep. The human factor.

The H factor can make or break any endeavor. So “factor in” this important element in everything you do.

An “old” and unattributed saying- African some claim, but who is to know, claims:
If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go with others
and I’d like to take that a little further.
Success is driven by individual commitment, I’m sure. I’m also certain that a team of individuals, jointly committed to a common goal, not only can be, but will be AMAZING.

Now the tricky part about working with anyone: child, spouse/partner/lover, friend, colleague- anyone- is that you will come at each and everything from a different Point of View. That POV brings a different and sometimes VERY different (read difficult) POV to the discussion. Want to really make progress? Look at things differently. Step away, step back, turn around and look again. That’s where the real change begins.

Looking to do things differently? Change your point of view. Like the H factor in the photo. There’s a lot of snow on that bike, but someone believes it’s time to shake off winter and ride.



3 thoughts on “Thoughts of spring?

  1. Hi Nadine,

    Thought provoking and very timely for me with a few things going on for me at work. Will put your sage comments to good use I think

    On another note, we will be attending a memorial/celebration of life for the partner of a good friend of ours on Friday. It occurred to me that it might be someone you know as well or have crossed paths with ….. Craig Wall (was with the Province for a number of years in the Cultural area). If it is someone you knew and were not aware of his very sudden passing his obit is in the Free Press today.

    Hope all is well in your world, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs. My lack of comments is totally disproportionate to my enjoyment!

    Diane Schwartz-Williams

    1. Diane,

      Thank you so much for your note. How wonderful to hear from you.
      I worked with Craig at government and in the arts world. I heard last week about his passing. I may be attending the service – will look for you. My gov email is

      Best! Nadine

  2. If I don’t see you Friday it would be lovely to connect for a coffee or wine some other time. Sad reason/location to reconnect but if I do see you it will be the silver lining of the day. Jake is actually going in tomorrow and spending the evening with Carol and I will come in Friday……. They go way back as Jake went to college in Thunder Bay (I think) with Carol’s first husband, Robert in the 70’s. Very sad for her – after losing Robert about 11 years ago, finding new joys with Craig and now his passing. Hard to imagine how you process that. On that note I believe I will pour a glass of wine and toast ……. mmm … I shall toast the fact that I am alive and well enough to pour and drink a glass of wine!

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