Food and the true meaning of love and friendship

There is a $35 lasagna in the fridge with my son’s name on it.  It’s chock full of simple, wonderful things: cheeses, veggies, sauces and more cheeses. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASounds so simple, doesn’t it?   The fastest way to a man’s heart…will always be through his stomach. 

I am not saying this in a disrespectful way.  Not at all.  Perhaps the making of food and the sharing of food will always be one of the most essential ways to bond…to nurture and to celebrate. 

I know that the sharing of a meal-  in any form- from the seductive dinner dates to bringing food to a new mom— (and I am lucky enough to know two moms who have just this past few days given birth to a total of three beautiful babes– congrats Angela and Emme xo ) is one of the truest forms of love and kindness. 

To moms everywhere…and dads too… who cook and feed and share…to friends who invite us into their homes…or share a meal with us in any place…Salut and thank you. 


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