Post BIG GAME game, the biggest hangover isn’t about the booze.

Sons, brothers, husbands, beaus and even fathers were on on the 100th Grey Cup field yesterday, and just two days before the university players were out for the Vanier Cup. We cheered, we groaned, we may have cussed a time or too. (What, that was only me?) But at the end of the day, we cleared out the rubble of a Grey Cup party, snuggled into our beds, said “good night John Boy”, had a (fairly) peaceful sleep and woke up non the worse for wear (more or less).
We didn’t wake up with a huge post game LOSS on our shoulders. A public, high profile, woulda, coulda, shoulda playing over in our slightly dehydrated brains.  That is the biggest hangover.
Because all players  play with heart, and everyone loses sometimes, I salute not only the Argos and Laval; I salute the Stamps and McMaster and the young and not so young men who get out there and play ball.
Well done.
We can gasp at the athleticism (how many times can we enjoy seening the McMaster QB not only run with the ball, but leap over the defense in Vanier 2011?);  groan at the lack of control in a critical situation – (another offside??); marvel at the strong and confident aim of a long kick, but what we should be in awe of is something we can’t see. The heart of it all. Because without heart, it doesn’t happen. Thanks guys.  Without you, it’s just an empty field.


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