Happiness is son asking for my easy/fab mussels recipe. In time for Grey Cup. Here it is with wine/beer pairings. Salut!  A repost for this year’s game.  

This motherofason loves getting a text from the adored son and finding that it isn’t an ask for the car! ((  ”

Just now, I’ve sent aforementioned adored son an easy breezy basic but fabulous mussels recipe from his ma’s kitchen.
It may be American Thanksgiving this week, but here “up North” it’s all about the Grey Cup- and the corresponding feasts- mussels are a staple in this Ma’s kitchen for any crowd activity.

Pair mussels with lots of great breads (and lots of napkins) as a wing alternative.  I’d add lots of dips, crudities, nuts etc. and my (also fabulous) baked brie. Add (lots of) beer. As well as your regular favs try some of the wonderful fruity ones and be sure to taste something from a local craft brewery– perhaps Half Pints.

I’m usually an Uber Tuscan wine lover, but I’d pair this with a Pinot Grigio (Gris) or a Viognier.  Bon appetit!   But first…
Don a big apron- .
Put Edith Piaf music on the stereo ( ”
Pour yourself a glass of wine (I cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food”- source unknown)
Start with a large (copper if you can) pot with a lid- med. heat.
Add 2-3  tablespoons of your favourite Best olive oil.
Saute chopped garlic ( I use two or three gloves) and onions (a medium to large) until opaque.
Add chopped red/orange/yellow peppers- 1 -2 saute until softened
Add chopped tomatoes 2-3 and fresh parsley (I like lots) and continue to saute
Add one cup (ish) of white wine
Add (to taste) your desired mix of oregano, basil, thyme, salt and pepper.
if desired/needed, add 1/2 more wine, water or veg broth (I like lots of sauce for bread dipping)
Reduce heat and simmer-
Under cool water, clean mussels and remove the beards (those sea weedy pieces sometimes growing from the shell opening)
Discard any mussels that are already open
Toss mussels into delish veggie/wine mixture simmering in the pot and cover
Simmer until mussels open
Taste and adjust spices if desired.
Discard any mussels that do not open.
Serve and savour.  Remember: lots of napkins and a shell bowl  {  ”


3 thoughts on “Happiness is son asking for my easy/fab mussels recipe. In time for Grey Cup. Here it is with wine/beer pairings. Salut!  A repost for this year’s game.  

  1. Sounds yummy! ( sounds like great first date make an impression fare…if that was the MO)

    Celebrating American (Democratic landslide thank god or we would be booking tix back to Canada!!!) Thanksgiving here at the beach. Wanna buy a condo in Florida? We are up for sale. Cheap. (heavy sigh…as in under water no hope or retirement in sight)

    On a cheerier note…the weather is great.

    How are you?! Concussion??!!!! Honestly, hon, I don’t think you should be playing football at this age. i’m jus’ sayin’! Don’t get me started on high heels.

    Hope all is well otherwise. Sorry we missed each other last weekend. I don’t know where it went or where I was. Went to a cute play on Friday which started with a cocktail party at the downtown residence of the playwright. No kidding! Wine by our local wine store and heavy hors d’oeuvres by the host. He retired from UPS ($$$$) and decided to write a play. Then he bought the theatre…first he bought three condos in the Healey Bldg downtown Atl and had it built out and into Atlanta Magazine makeover fame (c2003) . (Nice but I would have liked a crack at it ( : ) Check it out. Belzar residence. The play was called ‘Two Drink Minimum’ and the little theatre that could…did. Fun evening. I think I met a new golf buddy to boot. The play is about our host’s relationship with his mother…Polish immigrant to NY. Cute. Nostalgic. Heart warming. Great acting.

    About 50 of us staggered down to the theater happily dosed with great wine and luxury living c/w real Art. Gak!

    I’m staying in PCB next week…not sure I’m excited about that but will do my Christmas shopping. KW returning next Friday. Looking for Snowbirds. Are you interested? A few license plates from Ontar-iar-iar-o already!

    Good news…Enid lands a choice little job in Calgary!! Closer to home! Big bucks. Glaswegian boyfriend planning to emigrate. Cat not quite so enthusiastic but maybe just moody. (Scottish cat!)

    No mussels in PCB….just lots of shrimp! Will give the recipe a try with alternate species and report back. Maybe it’s convertible! Stand by for report.


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