Less is More: On a Mission

My Jeep was chock full of critical cargo today, as part of my ongoing mission to refresh and refocus:  my gym bag,  the  Winners bags filled with spur of the moment, I need something new for fall, but I didn’t try anything on before I bought it cargo, the just purchased new kitchen back splash tiles and corresponding glue for the critical kitchen update, the bag of freshly laundered clothing that I am off loading to my son (to clarify-  it’s his clothing, clothing he’s been leaving at my home in dibs and drabs over the past year-  which is added to the clothing that still hangs in his closets-  yes plural) , the two bags that are going to the Goodwill bins, and the most important item of all:  the small television sized roaster filled lasagna promised to the son and now complete with a special delivery.

The son whirled up a protein, spinach, fruit smoothie (delicious)  and I surveyed the kitchen, a tidy kitchen and a tidy home I might add, except for the bag of clothing I’d put on the floor, and the crate of lasagna on the counter.  Less stuff in my house.  More time with my son.   Mission accomplished.







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