What the heck is a team anyway? Football, teamwork and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Threats don’t make a team. Disciple doesn’t either. Neither does change. you  know “nothing” about football, says my son who played the game from the age of 12. He’s right-  I’ve never played — Truth is, I do know a little about the game and I know a whole lot about what makes a team.

Teams are like families. You may not like each member’s individual style, but you always- ALWAYS- have their back. A sports team — a football team –is a far cry from a family. The added bonuses are
– you believe in the same purpose-
-you are chosen based on ability and team fit
-you get paid (albeit not handsomely in the CFL) to be a part of that team.
So what’s gone wrong with our Blue and what can be done to fix it?
– firing (yep, that’s the language we usually use in this kind of situation, although the Blue Brass want to say, relieved of duties, let go, etc. ) the head coach. Interesting. Does that fix the team? I don’t think so.
– punishing? new coach saying there will be punishment and discipline. Does this make a team? I don’t think so. Lack of discipline should be addressed. Best way of doing that? Take the offending player off the field. Simple as that.
– developing the team. @@Chris Schultz has it right. Injuries to QBs have had a significant impact on the Bombers. @Joey Elliot seems to be finding his way towards a win. Let him continue and develop –Support him and grow him.  I love Buck, but it’s not Buck’s time…it’s Joey’s.  Support the man who has taken on the challenge and met with more success than others-  btw Learn to run Joey, I say, learn to run…
-stablizing the team. How many head coaches in how many years? Plus player turnover! It’s hard for a team to grow into their best performances when the team itself is constantly changing.
Here are the four stages of team growth:
forming- yep, Bombers are there yet again.
storming- that’s what Tim is doing…pulling rank, strutting, it’s a power struggle and it doesn’t make for a great team
norming- settling in. finding individual roles and places and beginning to function as a team
performing- once things have settled, there is a strong foundation for Performance, Excellence and Success. In the world of sports this translates into WINS.

Go Bombers.


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