I missed Obby, …

I missed Obby, and now I miss him more.

#Obby Khan is practicing with the Stamps today, and the Bombers are dead last in the stats.  Hummmmm.

#Doug Brown’s little bird released the news last week…and today it’s official.  The former #97 is pretty straightforward in his appraisal of the situation in today’s Free Press, and it warms my heart and saddens my heart to hear the inside scoop.

My son will tell you that Obby’s dear to my heart.  For many reasons.  Not the least is that a few years ago when I went out for the “ladies” Pigskin Plus event, Obby was good humoured, fun to be with and generous to this dame old enough to be his mother. Perhaps it’s the motherofason syndrome.  We adopt boys along the way…and our sons are gracious enough to not mind.

Obby took the high road in his parting with the Bombers, everyone is saying.  I think Khan took the only road he knows.

I almost hate to say it, but Calgary’s got a place in my heart right now…they’ve got Obby and they’ve got Glenn.

On my birthday, Khan came into the restaurant where my son and I were having lunch.  I got the “don’t embarrass me ma” look from my son, so I waved oh so casually when Obby faced us, and when he was taken up by a  table of fans and well-wishers, I didn’t interrupt…So I didn’t get the chance to wish him all the very best in his new career.  At the time, I didn’t know it would be with the Calgary Stampeders.              Good luck, Obby.  We miss you in the Peg.


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