Cars and sons…

“What’s the gas mileage on that?” asks my grown and out of the house son.

“It’s not great, but the fun factor is huge!”  I reply.

There is no response.  Oh, perhaps a raised eyebrow,  a sideways glance, a muffled sigh.

“So have you decided on that?  Is that it?”

“No, still looking.’

“O.  Kay.”

I’ve test driven an Audi, a BMW, a Mercedes and a Jeep Wrangler this summer on my quest for a new delayed mid-life crisis car.  My son, the athlete, would like me to Just Do It!  I am not ready to commit.   What I want and what my son thinks I need are two separate things.  He was advocating for a sensible Nissan Altima.  I’m not ready for a sedan.  No, not quite yet. Image


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