The Great Egg Debate

Everything’s been off this Spring season. ( Especially the weather, but I’m not complaining; my tulips are up!) I couldn’t find my (just slightly country) wooden leaping bunny door ornament  and after 10 years of switching out the Winter wreath for the Spring bunny, that was a bit disconcerting.  To help make things right,  I purchased a package of  Rubenesque  chick ornaments and huge them on the low hanging renegade branches of the Elm tree on the boulevard in front of my house.  Then, I put  the brass Bunny Crossing garden stake in the pot with the small cedar by the front door.  That seemed satisfying at first.

But, I’ve spent an unusual amount of time contemplating Easter goodies this year.  A large amount of time weighing the benefits of caramel centered versus pure chocolate.  A unjustifiable amount of time considering dark versus milk.  I’ve deliberated about the appropriate chocolate shape, considering bunnies over chicks.  Sports themes over cartoon characters.

I wait for enlightenment.

The question?  Well, not about the rising of the son.  My big Easter contemplation is whether or not to purchase Easter candy.  There’s no Easter egg hunt planned for this year.  It’s the first sans son Easter for me, and I’m not sure how to manage.  I could creep over to my son’s and put a basket outside his front door.  That seems a little more than creepy. Instead, I’ll just act like the grown up.  So, today I picked up my mother and then my son and went out to a restaurant for an early dinner.   On  Sunday, my son and I will go to mass and then brunch.  Just in case, I’ll stash some chocolate eggs in my purse.  Best way to fight off empty nest syndrome at Easter.



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