What is family?

From the football field to the political arena…some of this week’s news stories made me think about family:  what it is, why it matters and how “family” can mean different groups of people in our lives-  all equally important.

Families are our toughest critics and our biggest fans. 

And we love ’em no matter what, and even better, they love us.

I love  Tom Mulcair’s response to a question about facing upcoming political  criticism from the Conservative  party: “I come from a family of 10 children, there is nothing that they can say about me that would be worse than what I’ve heard from my brothers and sisters.”

I also love Doug Brown’s comments about his football family: “They say you come into the game alone and you walk out of it alone, but I definitely don’t feel that way today.”

Those two insights pretty much sum up what “family” is all about. I love both sentiments, and I especially love that they came from some pretty tough men.

I tussled with my son about his loading the dishwasher tonight.  (I invited him for dinner, but let’s face it, he’ll never be a “guest” in the house.) But I still got a hug before he left-  yep, that’s family.  Here’s to you and yours!


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