I hope you didn’t run into me today

My sympathies to the credit card call centre guy (s) I spoke with this evening.  This evening after a full and long and might I say less than perfect day…a day where I came home (after a short stop at my local wine and spirits store-  the place my son works- and he was there tonight along with some of my other favourite people, but that’s another story-  although I’ve now touched on the mother of the son part of all of this)  So this  mother of a son comes home tired and hungry (a bad start, n’est pas?) and picks up the mail to find a letter from the credit card folk…a nice enough letter thanking me for being a loyal customer and indicating there have been some changes to the terms of agreement – a copy of which is inclosed.

I certainly am interested in the new terms of agreement, but what I’m especially interested in right now is the appreciation for my being a ‘loyal” customer.  That is because when I last contacted said company to activate the shiny new card I had received in the mail, I was told I was not a customer and my account was not valid.


But even at the end of a long day I am thinking clearly and to demonstrate my fresh and sharp and able to understand priorities frame of mind, I poured a Louis Bernard 2009 Cote du Rhone into a Mikasa balloon glass, tilted it forty-five degrees from my body to study the colour, swirled it to determine the legs of it, and picked up the phone and dialled the 1-866 number to investigate the matter.

I was prompted to enter my 16 digit account number, which I was unable to do as I had tossed away the card with the aforesaid account number on it when  I was told it was not a valid account during a previous discussion with said credit card provider/retail outlet. I did have codes from the special valued account holder offer letters I’ve been receiving, but well, that again is another story.   After considerable consideration, investigation  and cross-examination, I was put on hold.  An eery new music meets Ravi Shakhar meets elastic band meets jaw harp musical interlude seemed to go on forever, and I found my muscles tensing a little.  I swirled again and took a sip from the beautiful balloon glass— a nice berry taste, with an undertone of anise…a light, pleasant summer red… Then…back to more musackkkkkk…finally,   it was determined that I am who I say I am and I did and do indeed hold a valid  account with the company concerned.  Lovely and thank you, I said.

Now, due to government regulations I will transfer you to one of my colleagues to verify your account.

Excuse me.  I thought we just verified my account.

Yes, we have, but due to government regulations, I must transfer you to a colleague to verify your account.

More Ravi Shakhar meets elastic band meets jaw harp music…another taste….plummy…this is a grenache/ syrah afterall…

Then back on the line:

May I have your first and last name please.

I just gave your colleague my first and last name.

May I have your first and last name please.

I give!  and give my first name, last name.

May I have the name of your employer and your title.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand why you need the name of my employer and my title.

For security reasons under government regulations.

And here is where the wine meets the rubber meets the road meets the pain in the butt I can sometimes be….

I’m sorry, I say, I don’t understand why you need this information.  What government regulation are you referring to?

We’re required…

I understand you’re trying to do your job, but I understood my account has been verified.  Are you asking me to reapply for an account?


I’m sorry for being difficult, I just don’t understand why you need to know my employer for security reasons.  What government regulation are you referring to?


I’m sorry, is the reply.  I really don’t know.

Okay.  I say.  I give the name of my employer and my title.

You must have a lot of responsibility says the call centre employee.  There is nothing more you need to do…Your account is active and I will make sure you get a new card.

Do you  promise?  I ask.  Do you cross your heart?

Yes, says the call centre employee.

Thanks I say.  Have a nice day.

I hang up the phone, and have another sip…yes, definite berry and plum with that nice liquorice edge…then I turn to the new agreement updates:

purchases 29.9%…

in a 2.99 % mortgage world??????????

I need a moment in a quiet lovely place.




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