Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t planning on doing anything heart and flowery today. I haven’t baked heart-shaped cookies, put pink strawberry flavouring in the milk or sent out any of those little cards that come on perforated sheets of 10. I don’t have any white heart-shaped dollies on the windows. No tinsel kisses hanging from tree branches. I thought that would feel fine. But The Day has come, and although I really, really feel somethings about The Day are just wrong –like increasing the price of roses by 150% — I’ve started to feel little Valentine’s Day sentiments tug at my heart– it all started when I cranked up Goggle and saw the clever pink V Day treatment. Sign. Better pull out something red to wear. Maybe I can get some of those little cinnamon heart candies on the way into the office. Later, I’ll heart my son on his fancy new phone. Let’s face it…I’m a hearts and flowers ma. Happy Valentine’s Day


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