Replaced by a smart phone?

My son has a fabulous new smart phone-  the latest Apple product. Sigh.  I am jealous.  I hope to get over that soon.  What’s going to be more difficult is getting over the feeling that I won’t have much of a role  in his life anymore.

The new phone will answer just about any question he asks by connecting to web content.  How to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich?  Done.  How to fold sheets?  Done.  How to  get out a stain? Edit a resume?  Grow paper whites without soil?  Yep.  It seems to know it all.  It calls and sends messages, too.  And, it takes great photos.   There’s one thing it doesn’t have-  a car for borrowing, and one thing I’m hoping will keep us connected: Voice dialing: “Call Ma.”


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