Clearing out Christmas

It seemed simple. Simple enough.  Take a moment to put a “few” Christmas things away.  A few sprigs of greenery.  A few feathered bobbles.  A few angels.  A Teddy Bear dressed up for skiing.  The unused Christmas crackers.

The angels needed proper wrapping, which took me into the closet in the living room.  The closet that is supposed to become a butler’s pantry or a fireplace, I cannot decide which.  The closet that is a catch all for …well…for all.

Of course I found more seasonal decor items which included the Christmas photos of my son when he was little.  I meant to put them on the mantle.  And there were the photo albums that I pulled out from downstairs so I could pick out a few memories to frame for my son who is now on his own.  Of course once I started looking at the pictures, it was a only a few moments before I settled on the couch with a blanket (and a sinus cold- so perhaps none of this lack of focus is really my fault.) an hour later, I decided to put the albums away.  What with the sinus pressure and the sentimental sniffling I was really feeling pretty lousy.  I’d just put my head down and pull the blanket up.  Two hours later, the day’s gone and the Teddy Bear is still waiting for the ski lift.  Perhaps tomorrow.


One thought on “Clearing out Christmas

  1. Awwwwwww! You can’t be slow with putting away Christmas decor! Must be ruthless and quick! (We still haven’t put ours away yet 😉

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