trail tales

A winter walk in sunshine and puddles; can this be Boxing Day in Winnipeg? As I made my way to my favourite riverside trails, I found a row of smartly attired burlapped wrapped sentinels, all finely capped for the Christmas season. Along the way, a lost pink mitten tied to a pine branch, a metal chain on an industrial drum, snow and not so much layered on blue sky and other hikers out on this glorious mid-winter afternoon. I crossed the dike and trudged into snow and up to the road, almost barren of snow, small skids of ice and puddles across it. A man in a red ski jacket and white toque came towards me, and as he came closer, I raised my hand and nodded my head in salute. He ignored me, head down, watching the pavement. I looked down too, and noticed he wore red-brown brogues, not quite what one would expect for a winter walk. But then, with the sun shining down so brilliantly, it is indeed hard to believe it’s actually December 26.
I walked back up to the dike to the river, and around again delighting the the sound of snow squealing under foot before heading to the road once more. On the road, I saw a man in a white toque and red ski jacket. As we passed I raised my eyes and nodded, the man in the red-brown brogues nodded back.

Now the snow has started to fall and the lights in the cedars are twinkling. It’s as perfect and cozy a winter day as anyone could imagine…back home looking out the window…And with the son coming over for dinner, I’m one contented ma.


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