O Christmas Tree

When my son was little, his Grampa B would cut down a tree and haul it into the City — one for for each family in his family.

The cutting of the tree and the hauling of the tree made it the most special of trees even before the tinsel and the trimmings. It was usually a  character tree to the 10th power, and so loved. Today, my store bought, perfectly formed tree stands propped in a corner of the living room as I plan the  reengineering of the tree support system.  This after said tree slide over and the four liters of water under it spilled  out across the living room floor yesterday afternoon. This hours before company.  I sopped up the water-  You know those old bath towels that are fraying and worn you keep in the back of the linen cupboard?  well sopping up litres of water in the living room is what they come in handy for…

I have mixed feelings about the tree; in fact, I thought about not getting a tree this year, what with the son gone and all.  But I still love the smell of a “REAL” tree and I imagine that as I did some hauling as well as the fresh cut when I got it home, it has some of the specialness of a tree cut and hauled by someone real.  So this morning, I’ve pulled out the boxes (and boxes) of ornaments- including the Baby’s First Christmas bear on a rocking horse-  yep, I’m just that kinda sappy sentimental old dame…and with some prodding and pulling and coaxing, I’m gunna stand the damn thing up and get right into the Christmas spirit.  God bless me.


One thought on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Oh yes! Christmas tree ornaments are another type of snapshot from our lives. Remember this one? And this one? God bless all the ornaments of the world!

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