two down and one more to go…no, it’s not CFL downs

As a long-time and die-hard Winnipeg Blue Bomber Fan, it was hard to watch yesterday’s Grey Cup. Yes, our Bombers made a resolute and determined effort- in the last five minutes of the Big Game. They coulda, they woulda, they shoulda- but they didn’t. And that was hard to watch.

It was especially hard to watch given all the personal and human stories that hung in the air over the (very expensive, but impressive) B.C. place.
The Doug Brown story. The Richard Harris story. The Javon Johnson story. Swaggerville and so many other stories that weave into the story of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2011 story. A story of contradictions. A strong start story, but a come from behind tradition exciting when the result is positive and wearisome when it is not. And it was not positive, albeit exciting in those last minutes.

I had cavalierly suggested the Grey Cup had a hard act to follow after the Vanier Cup. A university final that has all the makings of a terrific movie. I should not have jinxed our CFL and our Bombers so. So now, all we have left are the platitudes. Too little; too late. Next year. Almost.

Sigh. What a heartbreak for Doug and Coach Harris and all the tea. Sadder still, Bombers were outplayed. Maybe next year.


Oh, and the one more to go?  That’s the NFL final.


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