15 years later, some things are pretty much the same

My son and I were drawn to the Forks last Friday- not for the wonderful scenery and the buzz of activity on a warm November evening. Lights sparkled like stars against the mauve grey sky, young and old strolled and bustled against a perfect setting by the river. We were at the Forks to see the Hobbit at MTYP- the theatre that holds a very special place in our hearts.

I worked there many years ago, as Director of Marketing and Communications, and some opening nights my son would come with me. Brett especially liked the teen series, when we’d pick up pizza for the opening night reception. The smell of pizza and the steam of heat fogging up the car made the drive memorable- what a better chore for a young guy and his ma?
Last Friday, we dined on seafood (for Moi) and a rack of meat for the son. He chose a carmenere: I a cab sav- we swirled and compared the aromas and the tastes- then enjoyed dinner. Then, a trip to middle earth to view the Hobbit adventure. Fabulous!!!
What a delight to see some “old favs” Herbie Barnes, Davids Warburton and Gillis, James Durham— Bravo all!! and Kudos to Les, Denice et al…A wonderful evening for a mother and a son.


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