New beginnings- the son moves on

My son is leaving home and his mother is leaving behind any pretense of being anything other than rattled.

Oh sure.  It’s time.

Oh yeah.  It’s a good thing.

Absolutely.  The time has come.

And I’m feeling as forlorn as a lost puppy.

Estimated time of departure.  September 15. I knew it was coming.  Just not so soon.  It’s only been…well, never mind…

I’ve already told my son I’ll be acting like an idiot for the next while.  Hugging him for NO REASON at all.  Staring absently at him from afar.  This is juxapositioned by the fact that I already have linens and dishes packed away with his name on them. ..have had them ready for some time. It’s a world of contradictions…I’m the mother of a son.


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