Summer Solstice

A silhouette ambled across the top of the back fence as I sat under the patio umbrella this evening to enjoy a late meal and a glass of wine (a Melbac). A cat? I wondered as I settled in to enjoy the evening – rain scented and still bright at nine o’clock.
My son swung into the yard on his bike, and as he put the bike away in the garage, a rabbit dashed into the yard, and then seeing me or the light, or the bike, froze. Silly bunny. I could still see it. Brett came out from the garage; the rabbit darted towards me then froze again. Brett came closer. The rabbit  zigged. Zagged. Ran and my son ran after it.
Come and sit with me, I said. Have a glass of wine. It’s the longest day of the year. Let’s enjoy it.

Do I have to? was the reply.

As we sat outside, the shilouette again- that’s not a cat; that’s a racoon! Shew, shew I said. The racoon looked at me. My son approached it. Don’t go getting into a fight with a racoon!

Sigh. Another glass of wine. The solar lights flickered and lit. The racoon ambled away. The bunny had found less inhabitated grounds. I raised a glass to the summer soltice. Happy summer, everyone!


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