all in a day’s work

This last game, game 7, of the Stanley Cup epic of 2011 was a tough one to watch.  Not because Vancouver lost, but because I had lost…lost faith.  Or maybe I’ve just misplaced it for a while.

My son calls me  no fan at all.  I failed to name (first and last names) of five players.  Oh sure, I could come up with a few, and I had a lot of last names…but the first names eluded me…except for the name  Roberto Luongo.  That’s because Roberto is the cause of my loss of faith.

Sure, he was a bust in Boston…and he was less than spectacular in game 7, but it’s because I found out just how much money the Vancouver goalie makes.  And, it just doesn’t seem right.  It especially doesn’t seem right tonight.  Roberto, who looks like a great kinda guy and has an equally great looking brother with a spectacular family resemblance…a brother who just happens to be Roberto’s goalie coach, and is about a foot shorter than the goalie himself , well Roberto gets paid a heckofa lot of money in his job.  I just can’t reconcile it.  Especially tonight.

Reportedly Luongo gets $10 million a year, or about $800,000 a month or about $200,000 a week, or about $29,000 a day.  That’s $29,000 in one day… about the same the amount of money some people in Canada make (at minimum wage)  in a year.

“Ma, that’s professional sports,” my son says with a shrug and a raised eyebrow which I translate to mean  “Don’t you know anything about sports?”  And, he’s right.  I just don’t get that part.  Of course I think excellence-  in anything- should be rewarded.  And I really “get” rewarding celebrity- although I’m a little conflicted about it all.

Perhaps tonight the Vancouver goalie’s $10 million is cold comfort.  And I feel for the kid- and all the others who put their heart into the series and came up empty handed in Game 7.  But I can’t help thinking about the people who are working a full year to make the kind of money that’s being made in one day on- or off the ice in other places.


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