My 3 sure signs

3 sure signs of spring

First.. tulip and crocus plants poking out of the earth (and snow).  And just over the past week end in my world…much,  much more including  raspberry and rhubarb growth spurts.  The chives are well on their way and the mint is already taking over the back 40.  (  ‘

Second…an uncontrollable urge for dirt.  The smell of it; the feel of it.  This weekend….my first mucking around in the muck.  (Plus a trip to the garden store!  Yum.  Prize find:  the most beautiful full bloom of lavender plant. )  I know I’ll have dirt under my finger nails for days…yep, it’s still there…better get the serious manicure equipment out!

Third…”Hey ma, I’m gone to play basketball,” he calls out to me from his bike as I putter in the weeds.  Yep.  It’s springtime in my world.

What’s your sure sign of spring?

PS Enjoy the sunshine.  Keep those living in flood zones in your hearts and prayers.



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