Falling flat on my face and searching for the perfect card

I’ve fallen flat on my face – literally and figuratively- this week.  In both the search for the perfect card(s)  and while walking down Broadway.  Yep, that major avenue in Winnipeg’s downtown.  Let’s start there, shall we?

Sunny day.  No snow, ice, rain.  I’d just crossed the street and somehow my heel caught and slam, I am down.  Face first.  Hands out.  Smack.  Hello pavement bricks.  I remember thinking:  Am I okay?  Am I going to be able to get up?  And as I came to my knees a white leather gloved hand reached down, and the loveliest voice, with just a hint of soft British accent said:  Are you okay love?  I took the hand,  looked up to the face of a young Michael Jackson with a punked up vibe and climbed to my feet.  You okay?  said the young man and  I said yes, just a misstep thank you…and he walked on and I brushed off my black –really shows the dust from falling in the street–Calvin Klein suit — I try to look respectable…and walked on too.  I straightened myself up later in the bathroom, washed the gravel out of the palms of my hands and the cobs my knees and twisted around my hose so as to hide the huge  holes where I had landed on the knees.  By the time I got home tonight, the blood had cemented my hose to my skinned knees.  In a word:  yeeeouch.

So, needing a little comfort tonight, I did not head back out to the stores in search of the perfect cards after finding nothing appropriate  in the search earlier this week.  I’m batting below zero on this front, and coming up empty handed and ___________  fill in the cliche of your choice.

On the cards required list:  Mother’s Day x 2 and graduation, son.  My lad has just graduated, Academic All Canadian  (insert BIG proud mother’s heart here) with his second degree – a BSc.  that calls for a very perfect card.  Perhaps I’ll put something on a stick it note.  I am, after all, having fallen on my face in a public place and survived,  a now much wiser than I was before motherof a son who realizes the perfect grad card may not be on my son’s must have list.


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