Mother’s Day

THE big day is coming up. The day when restaurants are fully booked and flower shops run out. The day when men- young and old-dart to the local drug store in the morning to look for a card, any card, that will suffice for the occasion. You’ll find them three deep trying to decide if they should get a Mother’s Day from child or a Mother’s Day from hubby card.

It’s a day full of expectation…long line ups at the brunch buffets…mothers with babies in their laps, and toddlers hanging on to their legs, drool on their shoulders and a wilted pink carnation in their hands. This mother of a son says: Eschew the mobs at the overcrowded and over priced restaurants. Head out to the baseball diamond with your family. Plan to have a BBQ in the back yard. Bring mom a cuppa tea in a china cup- Peak Freans on the side and give her the perfect hand crafted note of love and thanks then enjoy the day on your own turf. Cook mom breakfast, lunch or dinner. Give her a really, really big hug.  A real Mother’s Day treat?  Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Feeling very generous and giving? Turn the dishwasher on. Something to think about come this Mother’s Day.  Hugs, from motherofason


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