basking…in spring and celebration

Ah, a day off to savour springtime and the afterglow of a wonderful book launch and celebration.

Thank you! to friends, family and others who came to McNally Robinson’s last evening.

Thank you to Bill who doesn’t know me but was intrigued by the “if you want to bond with me, make me something to eat” comment in a Free Press story about me and wanted to hear more.

Thank you to the mother of a 13 year old boy who told me she feels anxious and uncertain and my book came “just at the right time”.

Thank you to all of you who have come to the this motherofason blog community.

We all have stories-  here’s a place to share them.  On the horizon…?  Book clubs, motherofason sharing times, discussions about things that matter:  sports injuries and concussions, in particular are on my mind.  My son engaged me and my friends with some interesting stories and opinions about sports injuries last night…I’d like to share that kind of discussion with you mother of sports playing sons (and daughters)  Let’s bring together coaches,  medical experts and athletes and become better informed.  And let’s have fun.  It’s an adventure.  Thank you for joining me in it. 


2 thoughts on “basking…in spring and celebration

  1. Nice job last night Nadine. Now that its the weekend I look forward to settling in with a good book – specifically There’s a Basketball on My Buffet! Thank you so much!

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