There’s a Basketball on My Buffet Excerpt #2

The M word and the poison apple


Ma, you should go ahead and talk to your doctor about that.”  My son says and then turns away.

I am Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde.  I am Dr.  Banner turning into the Hulk. I watch my pale winter skin morph, splattered red creeping into my ears, across my cheeks, my chest and my arms.  I look like I have a severe sunburn and I feel like it too.  I’m a woman on the verge.  It’s hit me.  Menopause.

“Are you going to be going all crazy?” my son asks only half joking.

“Not any crazier than usual,” I reply.  “It’s just a drop in estrogen levels; it’s natural, nothing to worry about,”  I say to his quizzical look hoping to allay his fears.  But I’ve misinterpreted the expression.  This is not an Oh my God, are you okay? look.  This is an Oh, my God, why are you telling me this? look.  My son is, after all, a man.


2 thoughts on “There’s a Basketball on My Buffet Excerpt #2

  1. Hi Nadine – great interview on CBC radio earlier this morning! It sounds like you self-published your book, so I’m wondering if you’re coming to the Manitoba Editors’ Association conference on publishing on May 14th at Red River College downtown. I’m the president of the MEA and would love to meet you there! Check out details on our website at

    1. Thanks Amanda!
      I didn’t know about the event. I’ll look into it. And I’m interested in your association.
      Friesens printed my book, so I’ve been working closely with Donovan for the past while. He’s fantastic.
      Best! Nadine

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