Grand theft and the kitchen cupboard

My linebacker son is boosting  his fitness and weight training regime.  This means there is going to be an increase in the grocery bills which are, as any mother of a son(s) can attest, pretty darn high already.

There is also more food competition in the house as the son scavenges for fast, high nutrient-high density foods.  In Mother Language, high density means fattening.  The larder is stocked (At least it was the last time I looked.)

Great ma!  he calls out while surveying the freezer inventory:  400 calories and 19 grams of protein in one burrito for phase one of his after work out snack.

Yet, before I know it,  he has taken a liking to my Praventia granola bar bites with almond and apple and green tea extract…only 100 calories.  They are called bar bites for a reason.  They are little.  Very little.  It takes many multiples of 100 calories of energy to fill a linebacker-  even one who is not in heavy training mode.  (In Mother Language, this means eating mode.)  I think the Praventia will reside in my underwear drawer for safe keeping.


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