the power of a mother running late

I pulled the front off the cutlery drawer this morning, in the midst of a couldn’tgetoutofbedrunninglate start to the day.  The whole bloody thing came off in my hand and the contents tumbled out.  The dilemma?  Finish my cuppa tea or try to put it back on.  I stuffed things back in and laid the deceased  cabinet piece on the counter – respectfully.

Coming home this evening I examined the corpse carefully and determined no screws or screw driver would resurrect the piece:  the mechanical hardware had broken.

Your just going to leave it?  My son inquired.

Feel free to fix it, I replied, and meant every word.

No response.

I guess this weekend’s dilemma will be to go to the hardware store or the grocery store.  You see, I’m done with that multi-tasking.  Too dangerous.  Time for a glass of wine.


5 thoughts on “the power of a mother running late

  1. I can so relate Nadine. Sometimes when things break you just need to bury them and move on. In this case however I’m thinking that you probably still need a drawer so at some point fixing is a must. Sorry ’bout that. 🙂 My suggestion: tea and some good music while your son fixes the drawer, then a glass of wine. Enjoy!

    1. So true!
      I am “getting better”. I used to have a substantial collection of to be repaired/repurposed/updated/reinvented items in my home. Now I only have a “few”.
      (( : I finally admitted I don’t have the time/interest/ability and my big collection of “shoulda” was really wearing me down.

  2. No local stores seem to carry the hardware I need to re-affix the front panel to the kitchen drawer. Messages have been left at kitchen cabinet specialty stores and supplier names have been Googled . It is a Blum 150-02 mounting plate. If you know of one, or see one- anywhere – please let me know. If I cannot find one, I expect I will be renovating the entire kitchen. Or perhaps just duct taping the drawer. I so get the duct tape solution!!

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