The spaghetti caught fire, but I’m perfectly fine, thank you!

The flames looked rather fierce coming up from the range and the stock of spaghetti overhanging the pot was really quiet the thing to see when it all caught fire this evening. Ah, the beauty of a gas range. Yes, a gas range set a little too high and a mother with attention set a little too low. I was multi-tasking you see. Ridiculous concept really, but something I’ve grown into the habit of doing. Luckily there was no one there to ridicule me or (worse) lecture. Someone like a grown son.

Not like yesterday.

Yesterday I caught my blanket when heading down the stairs. It was later in the evening and I’d wrapped a throw around me, while watching TV and then forgotten to take it off. Flying cape-like behind me, it caught on the bannister while I was going downstairs…uurrch…. that tripped me up nicely. Geez.  I seem to be getting a little absent-minded.

If this keeps up, I’ll be put into a home.


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