fall clean up: a great time to spend with a son

Summer’s over, but the hammock still swings between the trees in the back yard.  It’s on the to do list.  Taking it down and completing the yard clean up.  Thankfully, the weather’s mild; we’re still a half dozen big orange bags o’ leaves away from having things tidied.  We bagged 20 sacks this fall, my son and I.  And, it was almost enjoyable, what with him complaining I wasn’t really making a pile and me annoyed he wasn’t bagging more quickly.  I had the leaf blower at my disposal, so I really can’t say it wasn’t fun.  Plus I was spending time with my “kid”.


He’s my son, not my pal, and I feel truly blessed that he’s a person I really, really like.  Oh, not that love your family stuff- which is of course true and important-  I love him dearly.  What I’m grateful for is the “liking part.”  He’s fun to be with- when I’m not nagging at him reminding him about a something- you know that “mother stuff”-  and actually??  sometimes even then.

I admire many things about him; enjoy his company; like our conversations.  It’s a bonus.  Now what would make it perfect is a win over him at chess.


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