How 25 years fly when you’re having fun

How 25 years fly by when you’re having fun

My son’s 25th birthday just passed. A quarter of a century old. How can this be I wonder! I remember turning 25 and thinking I was old. Passe. Slipping down hill forever more. I know I’m not the first mother to watch in amazement (and some might say horror) as our children grow into adults and beyond. That doesn’t give me much comfort, truth be told.

He’s a wonderful human being. And I really, really like him. Lucky me. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t drive me batty some times. It’s a unique experience, living with a grown child, but we manage quite well.
I realize the old man living with me is actually going to be heading out on his own soon, packing a bunch of degrees and plans for a wonderful life. So I’m going to enjoy this time with my aging son.

Now, if I could only get fix that annoying dirty dishes and sock issue.


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