The son and I head South!

It’s been a while since my son and I have travelled together.  The last time was to the mountains at Lake Louise, Canada; this time, to the sunny southern shores of Mazatlan, Mexico.  Can a Mother and a Son live amicably  amidst the sun, sand and surf of a holiday all-inclusive?  Lord knows, I’ve had some of the largest “disagreements” with the people I most care about when on vacation!

What’s the secret to travelling – happily– with family?  Or will the warmth of the holiday sun melt our cares away??  Stay tuned!!

There are summer clothes to find and  new security regulations to find out about.  I’ve written and rewritten the  travel “to do” lists, set on the quest for the perfect post Christmas season swim suit (“forgiving” is the style I’m looking for after two weeks of eating holiday foods.) arranged for someone to care for the cat and drive us to the airport.  “Where’s your passport?” I ask as we review, once again, the amenities of the resort.  “Have you found your summer clothes?”

“So all inclusive means I really can eat as much as I want?” he replies. “Is that a bar in the pool, Ma?” (He’s a 24 year-old football player).

It’s minus 30 degrees here on the prairies; just about the same — on the plus side in Mexico.  Sunshine, here we come!


Mother of a Son


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